I’ll give you sympathy while I laugh in your hair

My preschooler likes to pretend he’s a fish.  One of his favorite games is to swim around on the floor and have me throw nets on him.  Just call me Sarah Palin, commercial fisherwoman.

Anyway, today he was a fish and had crawled into the cubby hole under his bed.  He wanted me to close the door, and I obliged.  The problem?  His finger was in the way.  He started to cry, so I pulled him out and sat him on my lap where he continued to cry and pathetically emit the occasional “Blub.  Blub.”

I almost dropped him I was laughing so hard.


~ by NinjaPrincess on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “I’ll give you sympathy while I laugh in your hair”

  1. That is so cute and so funny. I love that despite his pain he continued his role play as fish. 🙂
    I also laughed at the image of your son crawling around on the floor with his mom throwing nets over him… I am sure that paints quite a picture. Isn’t it funny the things our kids come up with that we would NEVER think of? They keep life so fun, don’t they?

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