Because I love a challenge

Here’s a conversation I had with hubby yesterday.  (I’m trying to work myself up to a 3 mile run in November. )

Me:  “See, I don’t want to just JOG the run.  I want to RUN the run.  If I can walk faster than I can “jog,” then it doesn’t count, you know?”

Hub:  “Well the point, is that you’re getting out there, moving, and improving your cardio.”

Me:  “No, the point is that someone told me I couldn’t run three miles.  So now I have to do it.”

Hub:  “Who told you that?”

Me:  “ME!”

Hub:  “Well, I told you that you COULD do it.  Who are you going to listen to?”

Me:  “Would you just tell me that I can’t?  Then I’ll have some extra motivation.”


~ by NinjaPrincess on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Because I love a challenge”

  1. Ha Ha… I loved this!
    Went running this morning for the first time in several weeks and boy could I feel the pain of having slacked off!

  2. Hee Hee. I ran my first 5K this past summer, because I was sure I would never really do it (like so many other things in my life…) Anyway, I did do it, but haven’t run a centimeter since. So typical. You go girl. If I can do, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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