Late Update on the VP Debate

Admittedly, I didn’t watch much of the VP debate.  What are they going to say?  “No, I actually disagree with my running mate on that point…”  Not likely.  If you know McCain and Obama’s stances, you know precisely what the VP’s are going to say.

I was more interested in how they would say it.  What would the dynamics be in a VP debate with a woman involved? 

I was shocked at how casual Palin was in her speech and mannerisms.  In the few minutes I watched she said “darn” twice and winked at the camera twice.  I think people will find her casual manner refreshing.  It’s so different from what we’re used to from politicians.  I don’t think it will get her votes, however.  As is always noted, the VP is just one heart-beat away from the Presidency.  Do Americans really want their President saying “darn” and winking?  I’m doubting it.

Biden seemed unsure how to respond to Palin.  He was polite and reserved.  He didn’t seem to be quite as much on the attack as Palin.  I think he was in a hard position — he had to disagree with her and make her look like the less-worthy candidate without appearing to be mean to a lady.  In the few minutes we saw, some interchanges had the feel of a Mommy chastising her little boy.  Not such a great image for a VP candidate.

I’m still just not feeling it for either candidate right now.  Chuck Norris for President, anyone?


~ by NinjaPrincess on October 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Late Update on the VP Debate”

  1. I’m voting for God . . . as a write-in, of course. :o)

  2. yea I too am not happy with either choice. I wish I could be excited and route for someone to win, but as of now that is not the case.

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