Because I am overcome with bloggy guilt

Well, hi there!  I’m just checking in.  I’m not going to promise to be better about blogging.  I’m not going to list the excuses of why I’m not blogging.  In fact, I think I’ll pretty much guarantee I won’t be blogging on a regular basis.  At least not for now 🙂

But I will say hi!  And I’ll guarantee that at some point I’ll write another post about poop.  Because that’s how I roll, and it seems to be a bit of a theme in my blog 🙂


~ by NinjaPrincess on February 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Because I am overcome with bloggy guilt”

  1. Just wanted you to know I am still here and will look forward to the next poop post! 🙂

  2. Ninja-Woman,
    You are a blessing and a very insightful lady! And while I have to admit that I miss my baby girl TERRIBLY and the strain on the closeness of our relationship may definitely be a contributing factor to this “FUNK” of mine, it’s not the entire cause. This started rearing its ugly head even before she and Nathan were dating, plus when I use the progesterone it almost completely eliminates all my symptoms, leaving me to believe it is largely hormonal. This is coming from someone who doesn’t even so much as take aspirin, and who always “pooh-poohed” the idea of PMS as an excuse to be moody. Anyway, the progesterone has physical side effects that are undesirable as well, so I am trying to find a balance between physical pain and emotional pain. Ew. There are, however, a few personal reasons that could be the root cause of this, but it is not something I can blog about . . .

    THANK YOU for commenting, for your wise insight, for caring.

  3. Thanks, gals!

    Crystal — I thought about you a lot in January as the football season came to a close 🙂

    Stephanie — Hormones stink!! Inevitably every month I’ll find myself being really cranky, short with the kids, and generally unpleasant. Suddenly it will hit me what day it is. Just knowing why I’m feeling that way helps me a lot. And so does chocolate. Lots of chocolate 🙂

  4. Thanks Ninja Princess for the very cool article you sent. Great story! 🙂

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