Sickness strikes

We’ve been sending up a lot of prayers (and using a lot of warm water & soap) about the H1N1 virus this winter.  I chose not to get neither the vaccine for the seasonal flu nor the H1N1 flu.  So far, God has kept me exceptionally healthy, and I’m so thankful!  My husband, however, has not fared as well.  He came down with some flu symptoms on Christmas Eve and has felt miserable since then.  We just got back from the doctor, where he learned that he has pneumonia in his right lung. 

When we got home, I listened to his chest while he breathed deeply and could actually hear the squeak in his lung.  I had always seen the doctors listen to lungs but was never clear what they were listening for.  I guess now I know! 

Hubby had taken this week off of work and is determined not to waste it, so we’re about to head to the movies.  He’s a trooper!


~ by NinjaPrincess on December 29, 2009.

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