I’m normal! Sort of…

I got my test results back from the three hour glucola test, and they were normal.  Yeah!  I’ll continue on the low-sugar 2K “diet” for the rest of the pregnancy, but they’re not diagnosing me with gestational diabetes.  I’m curious now to see when baby will be born.  With the boys, I gained a lot of weight, which meant they gained a lot of weight, which meant they both came early.  Since I’m probably not going to gain as much, will she come closer to the due date?  Or do I just pop them out early no matter what? 

I also have to say that I was a big baby about the three hour test.  It wasn’t bad at all!  I didn’t get naseous, hungry, or bored.  The nurses were great, and I got to sit and quietly enjoy a book.  I’m thankful for the prayers that were going up for me, because I know God took a possibly unpleasant situation and made it into an easy, relaxing morning.


~ by NinjaPrincess on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “I’m normal! Sort of…”

  1. Excellent news! Keep taking care of yourself, we’ll keep praying!

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