King Cake!

Mardi Gras and the Saints in the Super Bowl have put Mama Belle in the mood for all things festive. She’s been blogging about foreign foods like crawfish, boudin, and King Cakes. Being a northern gal, I had never heard of a King Cake. Of course, I couldn’t just ask what one was and thereby display my ignorance, so I did some serious scholarly research on Wikipedia. What I learned was that a King Cake is a fattening, sugary pastry that must be made (here’s the important part) to look as ugly as humanly possible.  I thought, “this is the cake for me!” 

I was lamenting to the fam that I had to paint it with yellow, green & purple icing. I understand the whole “ugly as humanly possible” thing, but seriously? Yellow, green & purple? OY. My eldest suggested changing it to red, white & blue, and I thought, “Child! You are one smart cookie.”

Even with the color change, I was a little nervous about presenting it as edible. 


I took the cake to a party this weekend and unveiled it to my fellow Northerners. They looked at it skeptically and exclaimed, “What is THAT??” I convined them that it was indeed a food product, and they timidly agreed to taste it.

  “I”m afraid!”



“Don’t take my picture!” 

There was one southern gal in our group.  I showed her the cake, and she had some questions.
“Why isn’t it green, yellow & purple?”
“Where are the sprinkles?  King Cakes ALWAYS have sprinkles!”
“Where’s the little baby?  Did you forget to add the baby?”
“You FAIL at King Cake!”  

Okay, she really didn’t say the last one.  But she was thinking it.  I could tell. 

Thankfully, the taste far outweighed the looks, and the verdicts were positive. 


“If I close my eyes, it tastes really good!’ 


Hubby says, “I’m drunk on love!  And King Cake!” 


“If I like the cake will you get the camera out of my face??” 


“I still say it needs sprinkles.  I award you ‘Not last place!'” 

So, Mama Belle, there you have it.  North meets South.  We’ve broadened our horizons and expanded our cultural knowledge.  Although, I still don’t know what boudin is… 


~ by NinjaPrincess on February 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “King Cake!”

  1. Choking on my coffee as I read this!!!! I, too, award you not last place!

    BTW – You DO know that purple, gold & green are the official colors of Mardi Gras, right? 😉

  2. Oh, I’m so proud. Mine didn’t turn out that pretty either, but it tasted dang good. It’s much easier to just buy one.

    Think I’ll link this tomorrow. Funny.

  3. That is hilarious!!! What kind did you make? I’m partial to cream cheese.

    DH grew up in NO, so he’s picky. I don’t like abnormally colored things, so I tried leaving the glaze on the last one white. Boy was I in trouble!

  4. Jeanna– Purple gold & green are fantastic for beads. Not so much for food!

    Mama Belle — thanks for the link!

    Alicia — Yep, it was a cream cheese one. It smelled like a cinnamon roll when I took it out of the oven. Mmmmm…..Yum!

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