Nesting Indeed

Apparently the nesting urge was indeed a sign of labor to come. I spent last night in the hospital, being given multiple shots and feeling generally cruddy. Thankfully, the shots curbed the contractions I was having (while leaving me terribly jittery), so I made it home in time to pass the van to hubby and head to bed.

Speaking of hubby, I have the best one in the world. He took over today, letting me sleep as long as I wanted, and has been very encouraging and supportive. He rocks!

I was amused by the reaction of the ER receptionist when I arrived last night.  I told her I needed to go to labor and delivery.  She looked at me, assessed that I definitely wasn’t in pain, and said, “You’re in …..labor?”

Here’s to no more late night hospital trips for a while!


~ by NinjaPrincess on February 18, 2010.

One Response to “Nesting Indeed”

  1. Yep – If you didn’t already know you were having a girl, THIS proves it! They are a pain in the butt before they even arrive! 😉 Hope you get some rest today!!!!!!

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