“How it all Went Down” or “Why My Doctor Missed the Birth”

Friday night:

11:00 PM Start having some contractions.  Not sure it they’re the real deal, so I go to sleep.  I’m periodically woken up by more contractions but am able to fall back asleep

1:15 AM  Contractions are strong enough that I’m not comfortable lying down through them.  Get up and start walking laps around the kitchen

1:50 AM Call my parents to tell them to head to our house

2:30 AM  Wake up hubby to keep me company through the increasing discomfort.  And to feel sorry for me as I puke.

3:30 AM Parents arrive.  I’m now breathing loudly through contractions.  Hand out instructions for care of the boys.

3:40 AM Leave for hospital.  Run some red lights.  Call doctor to tell him contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and we’re on our way to the hospital.

3:55 AM  Arrive at hospital in record time.  Wait in ER waiting room for 5 minutes while they call a nurse to fetch me.  Nurse tries to have pleasant conversation with hubby as she pushes me through the halls and I puke some more.  Good times!

4:00 AM  Arrive in delivery room.  Change clothes and feel so thankful for hubby who, without being asked, lets the nurses know what I want and don’t want for delivery.

4:10 AM Checked for the first time and am at 8 cm.  So happy!  Was the number I was hoping for.  Breathing very loudly through contractions.

4:20 AM  Checked again.  At 10 cm with a “bulging bag.”  Hear a nurse say she’s going to call the doctor.  Think to myself, “WHAT?  Call the doctor?  Does that mean he’s still AT HOME??”  Begin yelling through contractions 🙂

4:25 AM Tell the nurses the baby is coming. 

4:31 AM  Push once for the head.  Push once for the shoulders.  She’s here!

4:35 AM  Doctor arrives.  

Hubby and I often talk about how God provides for us in ways that we didn’t even know to ask for.  I feel like that happened a lot with this pregnancy and birth.  First, I was mentally prepared for a natural birth.  Both of the boys were born with epidurals, and I was adamant that I wasn’t going to have one this time.  It helped to have done a lot of visualization, read up on coping techniques, and accepted the fact that I was probably going to …. verbalize… my way through the contractions.  It also really helped to have a sister-in-law who was incredibly encouraging in my goal of a natural birth.  She and hubby both told me “You can DO IT!”  Being prepared for a natural birth was great, because I don’t think there was much of an alternative with the short amount of time we were working with.  If I hadn’t been anticipating it, I think I would have had a really rough time during the delivery.

Second, since the doctor was late, the RN on duty had to do the delivery.  She just happened to be an RN who had trained under a midwife.  This meant she was comfortable with natural deliveries and deliveries where the mommy isn’t necessarily flat on her back.  She also had a few midwifery techniques to employ to make things easier on me since baby girl came so quickly.  How would we have known to ask for someone like that to be in attendance?  God is good!


~ by NinjaPrincess on March 24, 2010.

One Response to ““How it all Went Down” or “Why My Doctor Missed the Birth””

  1. Wow! God is so good! I am so glad that things went so well and that God provided for your needs in such abundance. Hope you are enjoying life with your sweet little girl!!

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