In pursuit of “real” food

I’ve had enough.  I can’t take it any more.  I’m drawing the line in the sand.  I’m done with macaroni and cheese that comes with artificially dyed, super-processed, powdered cheese-food.  At least, I think I am. 

I decided this week to trash the Kraft mac-n-cheese and make my own from scratch.  Surely mac-n-cheese was around before  they invented cheese dust, right?  Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to make from scratch, right?  You just cook your noodles, throw in some cheese, toss in some milk, stir, and voila!  Right?  Right??  Yeah…

That theory rewarded me with a sorry lump of melted cheese sitting like a mutant egg in a nest of wet noodles.  Yum!  “Look, sweetie, Mommy made a NEW kind of mac-n-cheese!  Yay!”

I asked around, admitting my lack of mac-n-cheese knowledge.  I was told to use Velveeta.  Or maybe Cheeze Whiz.  But those options would take me further down the road of “rubber disguised as cheese.”  In despair, I turned to the great internet knowledgebase,  There, I learned that a good mac-n-cheese starts with a healthy dose of butter.  Mmmm….butter….  Now we’re on the right track! 

Today’s attempt went much better.  The cheese goop actually stuck to the noodles this time.  I’m not saying my mac-n-cheese is perfected.  Little dude would agree with me, judging by the amount still left in his bowl.  But we’re a little closer to daily consumption of “real” food.  This week.  Until I get lazy.


~ by NinjaPrincess on April 21, 2010.

7 Responses to “In pursuit of “real” food”

  1. So far my only attempt at making mac n cheese myself involved Velveeta and I def asked myself was it really any better off trading one processed cheese product for another? Though the kids did enjoy it.

    I look forward to hearing your recipe when you get it perfected!

  2. We too are only eating “real” food. We’re having McD’s for lunch tomorrow – want me to pick some up for you?!

  3. The thing I’ve learned being a cheese LOVER, is that the higher the fat/oil content, the better it will melt. Fat-free cheese DOES NOT melt!!! Gotta go w/full fat cheese! 🙂

  4. Yeah, Ninja! Good for you. My favorite mac & cheese is basically like making gravy. Start with a little butter, melt low and add a bit of flour, stir until smooth. Add milk and CHEESE. I like sharp cheddar and a little parmesan. Don’t forget salt and even garlic and pepper if you like it that way (we do!). Enjoy!

  5. This past fall I also cut up some squash and baked it with my homemade mac and cheese. I thought it was great! Drew tolerated it and my kids would only eat the noodle and cheese if there was no squash in there. I will probably do it again though! 🙂

  6. Hi, I just found your blog via life in a shoe. I make macaroni cheese a lot for my little one with a white sauce then the cheese added. For my husband and myself I skip the white sauce and put in a little grated mozzarella instead. I use grated chedder as the main cheese and I always add a little mustard to give it a bit of a lift. Right now I’m putting in a little dijon mustard but any will do depending on your taste.

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