In plain sight

Sometimes I don’t see things that are in plain sight.  Large things.  Rocking chairs, for instance. 

When we converted our office to baby girl’s bedroom, the office furniture had to learn to cohabitate with our bedroom furniture.  Everything seems to be getting along famously except for the glider rocker (aka holder of clean clothes waiting to be folded) that used to live in our bedroom.  See, it was broken and squeaky, and, well, there just wasn’t room for everything. 

The rocker had to go.

To the dining room.


Until I had a day where I could drop it off at a donation sight.

Herein lies the problem.  That plan meant that on the day before I planned to take it, I had to remember to ask hubby to load it in the van.  Did I mention I was pregnant?  And forgetful?  So it sat.  In the middle of the dining room.  For FOUR months.  Eventually, I just didn’t even notice it anymore.

In the same room, I have curtains.  They were there when we moved in, and they don’t match the architecture of the room.  The dining room was built to be very traditional:  crown moulding, chair rail, medallion around the light fixture.  The curtain rod, on the other hand, is a very industrial-looking creation, with two metal brackets connected by a wire.  It would be nice in a funky loft, but not in my dining room.  (Let’s ignore the fact that my dining room currently holds toys and no table.  mmm kay.  Moving on.)  On the ugly wire are ugly, ripped curtains.  I’ve known they’ve been ripped for quite a while, but I just didn’t SEE them.  I’d walk through the room, focused on the task at hand, and my eyes would glide over them.

Then, last week, I was sitting on the porch with my friend, when she gasped and said, “WHAT happened to your curtains??”  I turned, looked at them, shrugged, and said, “Oh, they’ve been like that for a good year now.”  Then I realized what I had said, and I looked at the curtains again.  I saw them as a guest would — blowing in the breeze, right next to the front door, ripped and tattered.  Yikes! 

Needless to say, the curtains came down. 

Now, I could make some analogy.  I’m sure I could compare how there are sins in my life that are easy to ignore, that I don’t “see” because they’re so familiar. 

But that wasn’t the point of my post.  I just wanted to show you a picture of my ugly curtains. 

Kay.  Buh-bye!


~ by NinjaPrincess on May 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “In plain sight”

  1. Laughing hysterically!

  2. I can totally relate… so glad I am not alone. I have quite a few “temporary solutions” that became permanent fixtures which I failed to notice. 🙂

  3. I’m with ya! I have so many unfinished projects in the house that I have finished IN MY MIND, that I have forgotten about them! Take my half-painted backsplash. It’s been that way for 5 years???

    I liked the analogy – sometimes we just need people in our lives to bluntly say “What happened???” Most people just ignore the obvious to prevent embarrasment.

  4. LOL. I wondered where the curtains were on Sunday! I knew there used to be some there!

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