Attack of the secret toy purger

If you read the previous post, you probably picked up on the fact that I am not a fan of Transformers.  Actually, I should say I’m not a fan of Transformers in my house.  As a gift to give to someone else’s child, I find them beautiful.  Name brand recognition!   Only ten dollars!  Easily wrappable rectangular packaging!  Sold! 

The boys each have a collection of sad, mangled Transformer bodies laying on the bottom of their toy boxes.  One would think the children would be willing to part with said toys, considering that they NEVER PLAY WITH THEM.  (Well, one might think this if one doesn’t have children.  Or has never met a child.)  That, however, is not the case. 

My children are not willing to part with any of their toys.  In fact, the quickest way to ensure that a toy will be played with is to set it out to be added to the garage sale pile.  Suddenly, it becomes the “coolest toy in the world.”  TM 

Once upon a time, I decided that they needed to weed out some of their toys.  I sent them to their rooms with the instruction to pick out five toys that they wanted to get rid of.  Ha.  The piles they brought me resembled something like this:

1.  GI Joe’s leg
2.  A lego that the dog had chewed
3.  A St. Patrick’s Day pencil
4.  His brother’s Pokemon card
5.  A half-eaten cracker


Now my tactic involves waiting until they’re out of the house and purging like crazy.  This works as long as I’m very careful with where I hide store the loot.

I know other people use this tactic.  (I’m looking at YOU, Mom.)  There’s still the unsolved mystery of a disappearing sack of hoarded treasure that was stored under my bed when I was a wee lass.  But I’m not bitter.  🙂


~ by NinjaPrincess on May 4, 2010.

One Response to “Attack of the secret toy purger”

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I thought i was reading my own journal page!!! My kids are HORRIBLE about this, but esp. Jess. She really is becoming a horder.

    So I’m thinking that I should scratch you off of my “Friends With Younger Kids That I Can Pass Down Our Unused Toys To” list???

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