My morning

4:00 AM  Middle son wakes up after a bad dream.  Comfort.  Tuck-in.
4:05 AM  Eldest wakes up.  His fever from yesterday has returned.  Decide to have him sleep it off
4:15 AM  He has a headache.  Give him Tylenol.
4:30 AM  He wants to snuggle.  Send him back to bed.  (Typing that sounds meaner than it felt at the time…)
4:30 AM  He is hot.  Tell him to quit getting out of bed and go to sleep.
4:40 AM  He is crying.  Turn on his fan.
5:00 AM  Baby is squeaking.  Go to get her, but she’s already fallen back to sleep.
5:30 AM  Baby crying.  Feed her. 
6:00 AM  Baby falls asleep.  Put her in crib.  Fall into bed.


~ by NinjaPrincess on May 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “My morning”

  1. Yuck! I woke up on Monday morning feeling “yucky”. Finally went to the doc on Friday w/bronchitis! This is such a horrible time of year to be sick – it’s sooo nice outside. I hope your eldest feels better soon – school is almost over – there’s playing outside to get to!

  2. Ugh! Hope you feel better soon.

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