Whoa, Nelly.

You know that creepy feeling you get when you’re afraid the nurse at the optometrist’s office might kidnap your child?


You’re unfamiliar with that feeling?


I took baby girl with me to get my eyes checked this morning, and the technicians were all fawning over her.  This pleased me. 

They carried her carseat.
They carried her diaper bag.
They carried my purse.
They anxiously asked if I needed a quiet, dark room to nurse her.
People, I’m not exaggerating, they got teary as they recounted the sadness they felt when their children weaned themselves.    

They complimented her clothes.
They complimented her headband.
They complimented her face.
They complimented her smile.
They complimented her personality.
They complimented her hands.
They complimented her FEET.
They complimented her nursing blanket.

By this point I was feeling less pleased and more overwhelmed.  I can only smile and say “thank you” so many times, you know?  “Well, thanks…I mean, I only contributed an egg, but thanks.  Yeah, those feet are adorable.  Thanks.”

Then it was time to head into another room to get my prescription tested.  A new tech, whom I had not seen up to this point, came over and anxiously asked if I wanted her to hold the baby “out here” while I was “in there.” 


Because I don’t want her sold on the black market?  Back off or I’ll use my crazy Ninja skills on you?

Then I got new contacts and went home.


~ by NinjaPrincess on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Whoa, Nelly.”

  1. Next time you go someplace like that, you need to have a FRIEND go with you to hold the baby!!! (And I promise I won’t kidnap her….for long.)

  2. wow… def creepy. good thing you have those ninja skills in your back pocket!!

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