Babies all around

Both of hubby’s sisters are pregnant.  We have a picture of the three of us, one of them in her first trimester, one in her second, and me in my third.  As much as I enjoyed being pregnant, it’s nice to be done with that phase and have a sweet baby to cuddle.  Now I can enjoy all the fun parts of pregnancy with none of the drawbacks!

Tonight I got to feel one of the babies kick.  I was elated!  This is a very special child, both because of its innate worth as a person and because of the new beginning it represents.  Through this child God has definitely brought beauty from ashes. 

Now if it would only cooperate during its next sonogram.  While it put on an adorable show for the first sono, it refused to flaunt its stuff.  I’m tired of calling you an “it,” baby!  Ya hear?


~ by NinjaPrincess on May 29, 2010.

One Response to “Babies all around”

  1. “beauty from ashes” – always liked this phrase. I esp. like it in this situation!!! Hope the baby cooperates!!!!

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