Baby Pictures …again

My girl loves her some tutu.  Or maybe I do.


The lighting on these didn’t turn out well.  *sigh*


I took Number 1 in every two months to get his pictures taken.  Number 2 got his done every three months.  Baby girl?  Well, let’s hope she appreciates grainy pictures posted to a blog, because after the 2 wk pictures, I haven’t taken her to get any pictures done.  Bad Mommy.


~ by NinjaPrincess on July 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Baby Pictures …again”

  1. These are precious. That first one? I think she’s already planning her revenge. She’s saying “Really, mother…..”

  2. What? You don’t think she’ll appreciate the naked chub picture when she’s 18?

  3. She may forgive you for the tutu, but publishing a pic of her belly rolls on the internet – probably not so much 😉 Cute though.

  4. I didn’t realize what typing a winky face would do on wordpress. Good to know 😉

  5. It’s her expression in the first picture that cracks me up. I think you’ll see that same expression a lot when she’s 15. Just sayin’.

  6. She is too cute. Don’t feel bad… I only took my kids for prof pics once… with my fist it was at 5 mths… when the 2nd we made it in at 6 mths… with the third it was at 7 mths… mmmm wonder when we’ll make it in with the fourth??

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