Houston, we have teeth

I’m noticing a big difference with kiddo number three and the milestones she’s hitting.  With the boys I was always anticipating the next achievement, anxious to move on to the next step.  With baby girl, I know that she’s going to hit the important steps eventually, and I’m savoring each stage she’s in without wishing it away. 

I was able to enjoy watching her learn to roll over without spending time each day trying to help her do it more quickly. 

I enjoyed watching her slowly lift her head higher and higher while on her tummy without obsessing over her amount of tummy-time each day.

Most recently I’ve been soaking up every toothless baby smile, because the large amount of drool and the incessant gnawing on anything that passed near her mouth indicated that the toothless smile was soon to fall by the wayside. 

Today it did.

I am sad.

Little baby teeth are cute, I admit, but there’s nothing like a gummy grin to melt my heart. 

Today her little teeth broke through her gums for the first time.  Tomorrow she’ll be driving.  *sigh*


~ by NinjaPrincess on August 13, 2010.

One Response to “Houston, we have teeth”

  1. yeah…I miss my babies. Walking through the Jr. High with Nick the other day made me realize just how little time I have left with them as children!

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