Beach party

We took the kids to a beach party / birthday party this weekend where they were able to swim in a lake for the first time.  They loved it!  Well, the boys loved it.  When my husband put baby girl’s feet in the water, she started to cry.  Later I was holding her and walked near the water, and she began to scream.  K.  Not a fan.

Anyway, back to the fun-loving boys!

They played for hours in the water.  I was able to let them play hours in the water, thanks to their easy-to-spot life vests.

The birthday family had oodles of float toys.  While they did enjoy these, middle guy also enjoyed rowing himself through the water.  Not himself on a boat.  Just himself.  It cracked me up.

The party had a pirate theme.  Let me tell you, I wish I could throw parties like this mom.  The invitations arrived at our house rolled up in a bottle.  The cake was a 3-D pirate ship sailing on the ocean.  The games included an elaborate treasure hunt with treat-box treasures buried on the beach.

While baby girl didn’t like the water, she did enjoy spending time with Daddy.

Speaking of Daddy, the zoom lens came in handy when snapping pictures of him.  Usually he sees a camera and sticks out his tongue.


~ by NinjaPrincess on August 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Beach party”

  1. Love the pictures. The boys do look like they had a good time. I agree I would like to throw parties like that as well. And good pics of your hubby.

  2. Wait, wait, wait. You DO throw parties like that. A mechanical bull? Salad in a swimming pool? C’mon!! You are the party queen!

  3. I agree with your daughter – lake water is EWWWWWWWW!

  4. Looks like a fun time (for the boys at least)

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