The Great Gluten Experiment

You go through life happily eating Cheerios and drinking orange juice.  You make sure to drink water and get your fruits and veggies each day.  Sure, you have dessert a few times a week, and so what if the Cheerios are most often of the “Honey Nut” variety.  No one in the family is on prescription medication, no one is overweight.  You’re a healthy family.  Right?

And yet, there are the small issues.  The kids’ digestive problems.  Your skin problems.  A subtle dearth of energy.  Your husband takes your evening tiredness in stride, joking with the first yawn at 8:00 that it is right on time.  But you wonder if maybe he’d like to have an evening conversation with someone who’s  mouth is…you know…closed.

So after multiple testimonies from those who’ve gone gluten-free and feel “GREAT!”  “NEVER BETTER!” you jump on the hated band-wagon and try a gluten-free family experiment. 

The biggest struggle is lunch.  Breakfast is cake.  (not really)  Dinner isn’t too hard, either.  But lunch.  How does one live without macaroni and cheese?  Without the ubiquitous PBJ?  Without wheat thins, for crying out loud?  So you plan ahead and get creative.  You decide to serve casserole for lunch tomorrow. 

The organic chicken happily bubbles on the stove all afternoon.  The brown rice flour sits ready on the counter.  And you, who have always eschewed all things boxed, pre-mixed, and pre-packaged, take joy in mixing up a healthy meal for your family.

But at 9:45 at night when the casserole is still in the oven and the dishes are only half-way done, you think to yourself, “Maybe we could just switch to Wheaties.”


~ by NinjaPrincess on June 25, 2012.

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