My “Duh” moment

How do you carry a laundry basket? 

I’ve always carried mine by the handles, holding onto the short sides.  Did my elbows hit the walls as I walked down the hallway?  Yes.  Did I have to turn sideways to go through doors?  Yes.  Did it ever occur to me to find a solution to these annoyances?  No.

Today I accidentally picked mine up by the long sides.  I fit in the hallway.  I fit through doors.  I wondered…why did it take me this long to think outside the box?

I had a political discussion this weekend with someone who was very firm in his beliefs.  He was so firmly entrenched in his opinions, that I doubted he had ever honestly considered the other point of view. 

I used to be (and honestly for the most part still am) like this.  However, hubby has become convinced that it is freeing to analyze our beliefs.  He has been willing to honestly listen to atheists and consider their arguments, because 1.  he doesn’t want to believe something if it isn’t true and 2.  he is absolutely convinced of the truth of Christ, so much so that he isn’t afraid of arguments levelled against our faith.  This questioning and listening to other points of view terrifies me, and yet I find myself slowly branching out and exploring new ideas.  Some of those ideas have actually stuck, and now I find myself closer to the middle of the political spectrum than I have ever been.

It makes me wonder — how many of my beliefs do I hold because I believe they’re true, and how many do I hold because I’ve never stopped to look at them from a different angle?


~ by NinjaPrincess on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “My “Duh” moment”

  1. Beautifully written post and so true. When I was dating my husband in college, we had many theological conversations that truly challenged me to think deeper and to question why. Because I never had questioned…ever…I believed strongly and passionately, but never questioned. My husband, a mech. engir., questions everything..for fun. I am thankful for his wisdom because my faith is only stronger as my convictions have become MINE…because I thought about them and questioned and studied.

    Excuse me while I now go do my laundry, with the basket tilted in the other direction. 🙂 (yes, you are not alone)

  2. Wow. Same for me politically. In the last 2 to 3 years I have wandered from the extreme right to become very “middle ground”. This does, however, pose a major issue when it comes to deciding who to vote for!

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